Hotelul de lux din Shanghai construit într-o carieră de piatră

Arh. Richard Andrews, cofondator al studioului de arhitectură JADE UK, a proiectat Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental din Shanghai, China


Hotelul Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental din Shanghai sau Quarry Hotel a fost construit pe locul unei cariere abandonate, dispunând inclusiv de camere subacvatice. Proiectul semnat de JADE UK este văzut de arh. Richard Andrews ca fiind o clădire care „unifică peisajul, arhitectura și interioarele.”

Întrebat de modul în care se transpune conceptul de guest experience design în cadrul proiectului Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Shanghai, acesta a menționat că acest concept a fost probabil cel mai important „motor” din spatele ideilor de concept pentru stațiunea hotelieră realizată în cariera de piatră abandonată:

„To create unique and exceptional guest experience, was probably the most important driver behind formation of the concept ideas for the Intercontinental hotel resort in the Quarry. The hotel is located in Songjiang, which is quite attractive town within 1 1/2 hour travelling from central Shanghai, but is not on the usual tourist circuit. It was therefore important to create a resort which offered unique and original guest experience in order to attract attention of visitors. Important elements of  complete and satisfying  guest experience is location, facilities offered and quality of the environment created by the architectural, landscape and interior design itself. The rugged and overgrown 88meter deep water filled quarry pit offered such unique and attractive location, but the hotel design both external and internal together with how to fit it into this special place had to be solved to complete the equation. With our design, both internally and externally we intended to enhance and complement the existing environment and with the Quarry theme running within the hotel from outside to inside, to provide escape from reality and to enter a fantasy world where guests and visitors will be awed by their first impression on arrival and can then completely remove themselves from  everyday life, relaxing in unique and luxurious surroundings, where James Bond, might meet Lord of the Rings in Nemo’s Nautilus submarine.”

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Proiectul va fi prezentat de către arh. Richard Andrews în cadrul FORO – the International Forum for Reputation in Hospitality, care va avea loc pe 7 iunie la Radisson Blu Bucharest 5* Hotel.

Photo Copyright: JADE UK