Ali Amirlatifi despre ferma verticală

Ferma verticală este un concept modern ce va fi prezentat la RALF 2019, in sesiunea „Future Farming”


Ali Amirlatifi este CEO în cadrul companiei Evergreen Farm Oy și va prezenta în sesiunea “Future Farming”. Compania sa are ca scop producerea de alimente proaspete și sănătoase, fără pesticide și accesibile tuturor. Agricultura verticală presupune cultivarea plantelor fără sol, folosind metode hidroponice sau aeroponice.

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Ali Amirlatifi și viziunea sa despre ferma sustenabilă: ”In looking at different solutions to the problem we face, controlled, self-contained greenhouses using hydroponics, aeroponics, and drip irrigation methods could fill the current and future food needs, as well as reduce the adverse environmental impacts. Looking beyond the production of food, the use of these techniques would also provide new jobs and industry opportunities in local and regional communities. In addition to creating more jobs and boosting the economy, the use of controlled environment agriculture and hydroponics is a big solution when it comes to the problems that are introduced as a result of unpredictable weather and climate change. The use of indoor farming will become more prevalent, more necessary, and more profitable. Issues like deep freezes, drought, hurricanes and flooding pose massive risks to the production and quality of the food that is being produced each year. Looking abroad, one can see that the food crisis reaches around the world and that it is steadily rising. This occurs when some force has altered the production and its scarcity rises, resulting in higher prices and poorer quality.”